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Region News
August 23, 2021
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Student poster that says "Resilience is Self-Care and Caring for Other".
This poster was among the submissions Region 9 received when it encouraged students to share their voices of hope and resilience during the 2020-21 school year.
R9: Students encouraged to share voices of resilience
The 2020-21 school year was anything but ordinary — we have all heard of the many trials and tribulations and of the ways we persevered and survived. Region 9 wanted to hear voices of hope and resilience from students themselves. Region 9 students were invited to share their voice in any format they wished. Their submissions included posters and poetry, and their expressions were simple but profound. The predominant theme across all submissions was self-care, community thinking and togetherness. R13: Student earns $230K in scholarships An ACSA Region 13 scholarship winner has earned a total $230,000 in scholarships. Pedro Calderon, who recently graduated Channel Islands HS in the Oxnard Union High School District, received 21 scholarships, including $40,000 from the GE and Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, $30,000 from Lockheed Martin, and $20,000 from Coca Cola. A small part of his scholarship earnings are the $600 he received from ACSA Region 13 and the South Ventura charter of the region. Calderon earned the award by participating in ACSA Region 13’s annual Student Essay Contest.
Calderon’s essay focused on his struggles in high school and the support he received from his Upward Bound mentor “Miss Morales,” who helped him get tutoring and improve his grades. With her encouragement, Calderon founded Project Islas Unidas, a resource for English Language Learner students to support them through their academic journey in high school. He also credits her with giving him the confidence to seek a degree in a STEM-related career when he attends UCLA this fall as a first-generation college student.
“Having support from Miss Morales has allowed me to grow as a person and become a leader. … As a low-income, first-generation, from an agricultural background student, I dream of giving back to my parents for everything they have done for me,” Calderon wrote in his ACSA essay. “Miss Morales has played a major role in my journey to achieve my goal of giving back to my parents. She has guided me along my academic journey and has always given me advice that will help me succeed. She has made me realize the potential I have to succeed and the ability to achieve everything I desire.”
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