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September 16, 2019
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Region 1: Leaders pay for student membership dues
In a move that demonstrates the region’s commitment to growing the next generation, ACSA Region 1 leaders approved a plan to use region funds to pay for 2019-20 state ACSA student membership dues for Region 1’s student charters from Shasta County and the Humboldt County’s Educational Leadership Cohort. “We decided that the best way to serve future leaders is to mentor and lead by example,” said Kenny Richards, ACSA Region 1 Consultant and Educational Leadership Leader/Coordinator at Humboldt State University. “Preliminary Admin Credential candidates will at some point become new administrators in our region, so why not bring them into ACSA early?” Added Charlie Hoffman, ACSA Vice President and Superintendent at Bella Vista ESD and Shasta Trinity ROP: “Another advantage of this strategy is in growing membership over the long term. It was clear that our greatest untapped opportunity for membership growth was in the ranks of the administrative credential candidates enrolled in our region.”  To learn more about student membership and how your region can sponsor members, please contact Senior Director of Member Services Margarita Cuizon-Armelino.
Region 12: Mooney to serve as equity representative Eric Mooney has been voted as the new equity representative to both the Region 12 Board of Directors and the State ACSA Equity Committee. Mooney is the Director of Secondary Education in the Colton JUSD and also serves as the equity officer for the Colton “MAC” charter.
A group of new members from Region 1.
Region 1 leaders voted to pay membership dues for new administrators from Shasta County and the Humboldt County Educational Leadership Cohort, seen here. Other regions interested in sponsoring new members can contact Margarita Cuizon-Armelino at 

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