As director of student services, Lynne Sheffield, third from left, has supported the best possible relationships between schools and students in Moreno Valley USD.
Sheffield creates change through connections
October 4, 2021
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Name: Lynne Sheffield Award: Student Services Administrator of the Year Title: Director of Student Services, Moreno Valley USD ACSA highlights: member since 2002; Region 19 representative, Urban Ed Committee, Leg. Policy Committee.
A school climate that prioritizes student success depends on successful, positive and evolving relationships. The strength of the connections between students, families, staff and the community can build trust, confidence, innovation and awareness, creating a lasting positive impact on every grade level.
As director of Student Services at Moreno Valley USD, Lynne Sheffield strives to facilitate and support the best possible relationships between schools and students. Sheffield’s role is far-reaching, involving the planning and coordination of student services, staff development, child welfare and attendance, discipline, and mental health. She consistently works to promote equitable outcomes for every student demographic.
Her achievements include leading her team to receive a $1.5 million grant to assist with keeping vulnerable student populations in school, developing programs that have resulted in fewer suspensions and expulsions and a higher ADA, and implementing a new Bullying Prevention Intervention Program. Her exceptional work has resulted in the district receiving two Model SARB Awards in 2018 and 2020, and a Golden Bell Award in 2019.
Sheffield’s commitment to developing and presenting professional staff training programs that focus on growth, research-based improvement and restorative practices is modeled by her own continued dedication to lifelong learning.
“Dr. Sheffield is personable, spirited, reliable and devoted to her career and it is always in her best interest to support staff, parents and the local community,” wrote Moreno Valley USD Superintendent Martinrex Kedziora. “Her outstanding efforts are the cornerstone of her accomplishments and the success of her department.”
What’s your favorite book or quote on leadership? I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. With positive thinking and hard work, you can achieve. There are two quotes: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do,” (Eleanor Roosevelt), and, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” (Neale Donald Walsch).
What’s the best advice you’ve been given? It is important to stay grounded in your values.
What’s your best strategy for work/life balance? My strategy for work/life balance begins with prayer in the morning and a consistent morning workout routine. I truly enjoy working out. I have always tried to make it a fun activity. Most recently, I purchased a Peloton Bike and I love it.
What are some life hacks that you would recommend for a new administrator? Relationships are a big key to success for administrators. Relationships will support the decisions you will make and they will work to help support you when difficult decisions need to be made.
What would people be surprised to learn about you? I started my professional journey to become a chiropractor until my mother’s work as an educator inspired my passion to become a teacher. I fell in love with the profession over 30 years ago and never turned back.
What made you want to become a school administrator? I have always wanted to make a difference for underrepresented students. I wanted to have a bigger impact on students. I want all students to know that they can do whatever they set their minds to and encourage them to dream big!
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome to get where you are? I have overcome the doubt of others. I have always had big dreams and I will always work hard to make sure I accomplish them. There have been many people that have doubted my strength and perseverance to keep believing in myself and overcoming any challenges in my way.
What is your proudest accomplishment? I am very proud that I was able to complete and receive my doctorate degree. My mother suffered from dementia. I was very happy that my mother was able to see me graduate and truly understand what it was before the dementia took over.
What has the impact of the COVID-19 worldwide health crisis taught you? The COVID-19 health crisis has inspired me to widen my message on the importance of mental health and social-emotional learning. Now, more than ever, schools need to be able to support students, families and guide our communities as we focus on building back.
As director of student services, Lynne Sheffield has supported the best possible relationships between schools and students in Moreno Valley USD.
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