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Start With Hello program empowers schools to end social isolation
January 18, 2021
The Start With Hello program brings attention to the growing epidemic of loneliness and social isolation — which often leads to bullying, violence and depression — and teaches young people how to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness. More than 7 million students and educators have participated in Start With Hello, one of Sandy Hook Promise’s no-cost Know the Signs programs.
Using activities and curricula available for all ages, students are empowered to end social isolation in three easy steps.
Start With Hello Elementary is a digital program that includes an interactive storybook, videos, activities and projects. There is also an educators’ guide with lesson plans based on social-emotional learning. Start With Hello Middle and High School is an age-appropriate version of the award-winning program that teaches empathy to empower students to end social isolation. It includes a video training for students, an Educators’ Guide and a handbook and can be done remotely, virtual-live or in-person.
Educators can learn more and register their school at
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