ESS 2021: Student says challenges made her who she is
October 4, 2021
Hallie Evans Grade: 12 School: Arroyo High School District: San Lorenzo USD ACSA region: 6 Hallie Evans is determined to become a doctor and break down barriers to adequate health care for Black women.
Hallie herself has faced medical issues and other trauma. In sixth grade, she joined the wrestling team and excelled to three state championships while learning self-discipline and commitment. A result of poor math instruction in middle school, Hallie had to work even harder at her studies. When she failed a test, she told her teacher she was proud of it, because it taught her more than passing the test would have.
With her strong and principled outlook, and a heart driven to give back through volunteer work, Hallie is poised to make a difference.
Your father was in and out of your life while you were growing up. What emotional impact did that have on you? Growing up, I knew what I wanted at a young age because I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. It didn’t affect me in a big negative way. It showed me how life can be so short if you take it for granted. I took that trauma growing up and said, “I’m going to make it something beautiful for me.” But I have to say it did make me who I am today.
You’ve also had to deal with a host of medical issues including having a tumor removed when you were 14. Can you share what you went through? It was in May my eighth-grade year. I noticed there was a change going on in my left breast. I didn’t really say anything, in part, because I was also wrestling at the time. I still wanted to continue to go to practice. I didn’t want to go to doctors’ appointments. And it came to a point where it was growing so fast, it was poking out through my skin. I told my mom. My primary doctor said, “She has a tumor.” From that appointment, I was transferred to a specialist in Oakland. And that’s where I met my surgeon. The same day, she told me it was benign, but it had to be removed as soon as possible. She was an amazing surgeon. And I was actually one of her youngest patients.
To students who face similar challenges, what’s your message to them? My message to them would be the same message I would say to younger Hallie. Everyone says it’s going to get better. It will, but just know that the challenge that you’re facing is meant for you and you can actually get through it.
Region 6 2021 Every Student Succeeding Hallie Evans.
Region 6 2021 Every Student Succeeding Hallie Evans.
Region 6 2021 Every Student Succeeding Hallie Evans.
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