Frankie the Falcon jams with the Dad Band during a nest-warming party held to celebrate students’ good behaviors, which helped them “build” a nest for their school mascot.
Students celebrate Frankie’s nest-warming
Mascot challenge helped encourage students’ positive playground behaviors
February 5, 2024
Students at Franklin Elementary School in Alameda USD constructed a nest for their mascot, Frankie the Falcon, by improving their playground behaviors.
The idea was dreamed up by school Office Manager Erin Gilchrest-Brown and implemented with the help of the PBIS committee as a way to encourage positive playground behaviors grounded in their school motto S.O.A.R. (Safe, On Task, Accountable, Respectful). Students who practiced SOAR behaviors at recess received a limited-edition Falcon Feather in many fun colors.
Up until last year, Frankie did not have a nest on campus. Students enjoyed earning feathers for Frankie’s new home. For every 10 Falcon Feathers a Franklin class collected, they could exchange them for one twig made of cardboard paper. The school’s goal was to use 30 twigs to build Frankie’s nest, which meant they needed 300 Falcon Feathers. This was no problem for Franklin students since they collected 47 twigs, over 470 Falcon Feathers.
“The kids had a fantastic time and worked very hard on the nestwarming party.”
Lynnette Chirrick, Principal, Franklin Elementary School
In March 2023, they threw Frankie a nest-warming party with outdoor games, coloring and music. Frankie even joined the Dad Band for some musical fun.
“It was a great event. The kids had a fantastic time and worked very hard on the nestwarming party,” said Principal Lynnette Chirrick. “We saw the kids improving on some behaviors that benefit the school community and climate.”
This year, students will get another chance to help Frankie — by earning rings to send him to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. This Frankie Challenge will involve a kindness initiative to encourage students to treat others with courtesy and compassion.
10 feathers could be traded in for one twig to help build mascot Frankie’s nest.
Students earned a Falcon Feather when they showed positive behaviors at recess.
Frankie joined the Dad Band for some musical fun at his nest-warming celebration.