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A Zoom meeting of a teacher and her class of eleme
Booker T. Washington Elementary School Principal Joan Faus Hanson, above center, facilitates a conversation with students and a local doctor during Virtual Career Day. Presenters showcased many different careers, including law enforcement, city government and radio broadcasting.
Students welcome guests during Virtual Career Day
May 3, 2021
Students at Booker T. Washington Elementary in El Centro found out what it’s like to be a pilot, a Realtor, a software developer and more during the school’s recent Virtual Career Day.
The entire student population, staff and 24 presenters joined one Zoom room for the event. Students were put into break-out rooms with a presenter from the community, who spoke about the interesting aspects of their job.
Students enjoyed hearing from Deputy Corona and his canine partner, who certainly had the students engaged. They asked many questions of local business owner of China Palace Mario Ye, who students seemed to see as a local celebrity. Students also heard from a radio broadcaster, engineer, criminal defense attorney, clinical social worker, CEO and elected officials from city council. Through the wonders of technology, the farthest presenters joined from Spain and shared about their doctoral studies for becoming a professor.
After around 25 minutes, presenters were moved to a different break-out room to present to a new group of students. All rooms were monitored for student safety and to provide technical assistance.
When all students were back in the main room, school staff thanked each presenter, who closed with goodbyes or advice. Presenters were able to see and hear students saying good-bye as they exited the meeting.
“This entire career day format allowed students to view presenters from various backgrounds and have rich conversations upon returning to class,” said Principal Joan Faus Hanson. “We look forward to the future of our students, and noticing how these types of events may positively promote their future endeavors.”
A radio broadcasting executive sitting in his boot
A radio broadcasting professional joined Booker T. Washington Elementary students for their Virtual Career Day.
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