Surprise homecoming
September 16, 2019
Vejar Elementary School sisters Abigail and Hannah Cordova were surprised when their dad, Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Julio Cordova, returned home from a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan during a schoolwide assembly on Aug. 26. Their mother Giselle Cordova is a second-grade teacher at the school. During the assembly, Principal Whitney Prenger introduced new students and staff members and reviewed a banner with the “Vejar Values.”

What the children didn’t know was that Giselle and Julio were hiding behind the banner. When Prenger finally revealed the true purpose of the assembly, both girls immediately bolted to the stage and jumped into their father’s arms. He presented them with cuddly stuffed camels with camouflage hats that matched his uniform. Hannah, a kindergartener, squeezed her dad’s neck as she quietly looked into his eyes streaming with tears.
The Cordova family, reunited.

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