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ACSA at 50 | The leadership journey
October 18, 2021
“I became a member in 1991, four years before I accepted my first administrative position. I knew even then that ACSA was (and still is) a well-respected, professional organization whose support I would greatly benefit from and need. Thirty years later, I was right! I have attended three Academies, many conferences, and received contract and legal support as a superintendent. I have been a member of Regions 3, 7, 12 and 15 and participated at the charter, region and state levels in several capacities. In every case, I met talented, dedicated leaders who always put students first. I am truly honored to be a part of ACSA.”
— Amy Slavensky, retired Superintendent of Schools for Amador County Unified School District
Slavensky, center, receives the Charter Newsletter of the Year award with Penny Fromeni at the 2004-05 Region 15 Awards Gala, “Welcome Aboard the USS Leadership: Navigating the Seas of Change.”
This year, the Region 7 Awards Gala honored Slavensky with the Bob Price Distinguished Service Award.