Themes for 2022-23 magazine announced
April 11, 2022
The Leadership magazine themes for the 2022-23 year will examine pressing issues facing education today and share strategies school leaders are using to address the needs of students.
Leadership is ACSA’s magazine that is published five times annually and distributed to all ACSA members. The themes and subtopics are released each spring.
Leadership has been published for 50 years. Then known as Thrust for Leadership in Education, the first issue was released following the founding of ACSA in 1971 and focused on “Crisis: Urban Education.” The magazine changed its name to Leadership in 2000-01.
“The one constant about Leadership magazine over the past 50 years is the dedication our writers have in helping their colleagues and the community of readers,” said Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Naj Alikhan. “Educators supporting educators is what keeps readers coming back, and when you combine the high-quality material with themes that address the current trends impacting students and our school communities, you understand the strength of this publication.”
ACSA members and thought-leaders are encouraged to begin submitting written work on these themes and subtopics starting now. Deadlines for each issue are also listed below. Article submissions can be sent via e-mail to Alikhan.
Submissions must be at least 750 words and include practical information written in an informal style. References in APA style must be included if the articles are quoting studies or content from other authors.
“Leadership magazine can be a lifeline for our members,” Alikhan said. “School leadership can be very isolating — we’ve heard that many times. But Leadership can provide the best practices, strategies and theories that will create positive change in our school communities.”
September/October 2022: Staffing in Schools Retention and recruitment; What we learned from COVID staffing shortages; Principal pipelines; Credentialing; Teacher residencies; Classified recruitment; Planning for retirements; Diversity in hiring. Submission deadline: June 13, 2022.
November/December 2022: Mental Health Student wellness; SEL; Behavioral health; CTE pathways for mental health careers; Clinicians in schools; Classroom implementation; Training; Pandemic effects on mental health; Staff burnout/mental wellness; Suicide prevention. Submission deadline: August 8, 2022.
January/February 2023: Early Childhood Education ECE funding; Implementing transitional kindergarten and other new programs; Training and careers in ECE; Emerging trends; Wage gaps; Best practices; Developmental milestones; Social and emotional learning; Cognitive and physical skills; Parental and community engagement. Submission deadline: Oct. 3, 2022.
March/April 2023: EdTech Next steps and ongoing implementation; What we learned from online learning; STEM; The digital divide; Pandemic innovations; Expanding internet connectivity; Equity in digital access; Online privacy; Cyber security; Digital classroom resources; Blended learning; Data tools; Integrating gaming in schools; Digital career pathways. Submission deadline: Nov. 30, 2022.
May/June 2023: Safe and Inclusive Schools LGTBQIA+; Accessibility and inclusion; Learning gaps; Racial disparities; Safe spaces for all; Promoting allyship; Embracing diversity; Inclusion for special education students; Anti-bullying programs; Gender-inclusive and cultural sensitivity training; Confronting racism. Submission deadline: Jan. 30, 2023
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The first issue of Thrust for Leadership in Education came out in 1971.
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