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Association of California School Administrators
Association of California School Administrators
December 7, 2020
The South Santa Barbara ACSA charter is pleased to announce administrators in new positions in the following school districts.
Goleta Union School District: Cherylin Lew, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services.
Hope School District: Hans Rheinschild, Principal, Monte Vista Elementary School. Santa Barbara Unified School District: Hilda Maldonado, Superintendent of Schools; Ana Escobedo, Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Education; James Koenig, Principal, Santa Barbara Junior High School; Denise Granger, Principal, Washington Elementary School; Valerie Galindo, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School; Arielle Curry, Assistant Principal, Franklin and Washington Elementary Schools; Hortencia Corral, Assistant Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School; Analese Alvarez, Assistant Principal, San Marcos High School; Paige Dupont, Dean of Student Engagement, San Marcos High School; Bethany Bodenhamer, Dean of Student Engagement, Dos Pueblos High School; and Jennifer Balaishis, Coordinator of School Climate and Safety.
Santa Barbara County Education Office: Sharon Brown, Director, College and Career Readiness.
The South Santa Barbara charter also recognizes retiring administrators Barbara LaCorte, who retired Dec. 31, 2019 from the Hope School District after having served as Principal, Vieja Valley Elementary School, Principal Hope Elementary School, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment; and Cary Matsuoka, who retired June 30, 2020 as Superintendent of Schools in the Santa Barbara Unified School District.
Region 16 past president Victor Gonzalez, Ed.D. has been named the coordinator for Migrant Education Program of LA Unified.
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