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Association of California School Administrators
Association of California School Administrators
February 1, 2021
Debbie Gold, retired superintendent and longtime ACSA member, will assume the role of Interim Superintendent of Big Sur Unified School District for the remainder of the school year.
Region 16, Los Angeles Unified School District, is proud to announce Immediate Past-president Frances Baez as Local District Superintendent of Local District Central, the first Latina to serve at the helm of this site. The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education confirmed Baez on Jan. 12, 2021. She will lead 158 schools that educate more than 77,000 students. Baez began her teaching career in 1995 at Hillside Elementary School and served in a wide range of district positions from Categorical Programs/Parent Engagement Coordinator to Administrator of Instruction in Local District East.
Baez became an ACSA member in 2005. In Region 16, she was elected President and served from 2017-19. Baez attributes her preparation to the superintendency to ACSA, which offers the Superintendent’s Academy and many other opportunities to learn. Baez is now the second Region 16 president to go on to serve as a Local District Superintendent in LAUSD, the first being Richard Cooper, who was Region President in 1975-76.
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