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April 10, 2023
ACSA is mourning the loss of its former president Caroll Knipe, who passed away on Dec. 30, 2022 of metastatic breast cancer. She was 84.

Knipe was president during 1989-90 and was the second woman to ascend to ACSA’s highest office.
A recognized leader committed to school change, Knipe invested more than 40 years in public education as a teacher, site administrator, leadership consultant, journal contributor, university adjunct staff, academy director, speaker, coach, and director of personnel, communications and curriculum.
For 14 years, she served as executive director of the California School Leadership Academy in the Silicon Valley, facilitating premier leadership development programs.
According to an article published to commemorate ACSA’s 25th anniversary, Knipe led ACSA in the creation of the first statewide Diversity Task Force report in 1990 that resulted in a focus on culture, diversity and equity. She championed the adoption of technology, including e-mail for the ACSA offices and the use of computers during ACSA’s annual conference. Through ACSA she also met her husband, charter member Fritz Knipe.
Knipe earned her bachelor and master’s degrees in English literature. A published author, Knipe’s books included professional development as well as more imaginative works like 2009’s “Corgi Confessions” about her beloved dog breed.
In honor of ACSA’s 50th anniversary in 2022, Knipe shared her fond memories of the association.
“Now that I am 83 years old, one would think that memories would fade, but my memories of ACSA are especially vivid,” she wrote via e-mail. “So many good friends and great times.”
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