Lisa DeLapo was instrumental in guiding district staff and families through distance learning last year.
Union SD technology director receives honor
Common Sense Media names DeLapo Honored Educator of the Year
March 14, 2022
Lisa DeLapo, director of Information and Instructional Technology in Union School District, has been named Common Sense Media’s Honored Educator for 2021. DeLapo is a dedicated educator and lifelong learner and was instrumental in preparing and guiding district staff and families through distance learning last school year. Her innovative and community-oriented approach is clear in her work, providing thousands of students and hundreds of teachers and staff members not only with technical support, but also with critical skills to navigate a connected world.
DeLapo and her technology team support over 5,500 students and over 500 staff members in Union School District providing critical technology infrastructure, device maintenance and instructional technology implementation. She also oversees the district’s STEAM programs, where students can utilize laser cutters, 3D printers, robotics, circuitry and art supplies in order to collaborate, create, communicate and critically think while exploring science, technology, engineering, art, math, media literacy and other core content areas.
Most recently, DeLapo has spearheaded Genius Hour with fifth grade students across the district. Students delve into a passion project based on their interests all while learning about digital and information literacy and developing their skills in various digital tools and research. The important life skills developed in Genius Hour will prove useful for students throughout the rest of their academic journey and further into their careers as they navigate this digital world.
Common Sense Media honors artists, educators, and advocates who use media and technology to inspire and advance new ideas, engage diverse or marginalized communities, and effect positive change for children. DeLapo embodies all these traits and is an advocate for all students in Union School District and beyond.
View a special video highlighting Lisa DeLapo, Common Sense Media’s Honored Educator of 2021:
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