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Video series designed to aid ELD teachers
January 25, 2021
The CDE has designed a new tool to aid educators who support students learning English: an Integrated and Designated English Language Development Video Series. The series is intended for educators who are teaching English learner students the features and functions of English and using the language to teach grade-level content.
“We are proud to add this extensive collection of videos, guidance, and resources that demonstrate English language development instruction to our growing list of tools for educators,” said state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, in a news release. “It is imperative that California provide extra support for students who need it, and that includes support to teachers who provide instruction to English learners. This will help countless students develop proficiency in English, which will benefit them in reaching academic goals and opening future opportunities.”
The CDE Multilingual Support Division led the development of this video series with the participation of the talented teachers and students featured in the videos. It was developed in response to requests from educators for classroom demonstrations of designated ELD and its related integrated ELD in English language arts, mathematics and science content areas. In addition to videos, there is corresponding guidance for using the series in professional learning settings and links to existing resources that support educators in implementing integrated and designated ELD.
Although the intent of the video series is to support teachers in traditional classroom environments, lesson concepts can also be adapted to distance learning environments. The CDE has developed an accompanying “ELD Video Series: Administrator’s Guide for Facilitating Remote Professional Learning” that provides guidance on using the video series in remote professional learning settings and includes guiding questions and resources adapted to hybrid teaching and learning.
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