What EdCal stories were you reading in 2023?
January 29, 2024
ACSA members wanted to know why special educators are burning out, what professional development events are coming up and who was honored in the association’s prestigious awards program.
They found the answers in EdCal.
These were just a few of
the most viewed and most shared stories from the digital edition of EdCal during the calendar year 2023.
The digital edition of EdCal is published online the same day as the print edition. Although there is no way to track readership of articles in print, the digital edition provides an idea of which articles are resonating with members, said EdCal Editor Michelle Carl.
“It’s interesting to look at this data each year, but I’d also love to hear directly from our members,” she said. “Readers are welcome to drop me a line to let me know what types of articles and features you’d like to see more of in the future.”
ACSA members are also encouraged to share EdCal articles they find interesting or helpful with their colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and via e-mail using the convenient share buttons below the headline of each article.
In 2023, the digital edition of EdCal was given a fresh look, improving responsiveness, updating design elements and providing even more creative ways to present content. This included a more visually dynamic home page, a contemporary color palette and a minimized header.
One of the many benefits of ACSA membership, members automatically receive the print subscription of EdCal and Leadership magazine. ACSA members who would like to switch to the digital-only subscription to EdCal and Leadership magazine can e-mail memberservices@acsa.org and request to become a digital subscriber.
“Thank you to everyone who wrote articles or sent in pictures of the amazing work they did in 2023,” Carl said. “All ACSA members are invited to help drive the conversation in education by contributing to EdCal.”
Members interested in submitting articles, photos or research dissertations to EdCal may send pitches or completed articles to mcarl@acsa.org. Visit acsa.org/submitcontent for more information on contributing to ACSA’s three publishing platforms: EdCal, Leadership magazine and the Resource Hub.
Most viewed stories of 2023
1. Announcing the 2023 ACSA awards winners (2,405 views) 2. Four things to know about 2023-24 ACSA academies (926 views) 3. Ending affirmative action in college admissions impedes students (767 views) 4. Villalobos transforms school culture (716 views) 5. Ceasar is a problem-solver who strives for excellence (676 views) 6. Advice for new supts (674 views) 7. In Antioch, restorative practices are a districtwide mindset (505 views) 8. New laws affect disciplinary action against classified employees wage overpayments (485 views) 9. Why do SPED educators burn out? (479 views) 10. Conference aims to lift up women leaders in education (409 views)
Most shared stories of 2023
1. Announcing the 2023 ACSA awards winners (13 shares) 2. What challenge do you accept? (9 shares) 3. Why do SPED educators burn out? (8 shares) 4. Building a future during CTE month (7 shares) 5. Diamantine leads his students by example (6 shares) 6. Gray’s values inspire her to serve students (6 shares) 7. Leading ACSA has been an honor of a lifetime (6 shares) 8. ACSA supports banning willful defiance suspension (6 shares) 9. Ending affirmative action in college admissions impedes students (5 shares) 10. New era for ACSA strategy (5 shares)