You got your first job as an administrator! Make sure you get job-embedded support right away by applying to ACSA’s Clear Administrative Credential Program. The deadline to apply is Jan. 31, 2023.
You got the job ­— now get your credential cleared with ACSA
Late hires still have time to enroll in Winter Cohort
October 3, 2022
Some districts are still filling their administrative vacancies into the fall, meaning there are many new school administrators who need to clear their administrative services credential.
To serve these “late hires,” ACSA offers a Winter Cohort for its Clear Administrative Credential Program.
New admins must enroll in a clear credential program within one year of starting an initial administrative position. This induction process was designed to prepare candidates for success in their current job as well as future leadership positions.
ACSA’s Clear Administrative Credential Program pairs new administrators with highly trained ACSA Leadership Coaches who provide one-on-one guidance and support. Candidates work with local program coordinators to be matched with coaches in their area who understand their specific leadership role. Learning is personalized and integrated with school and district goals. At the end of the two-year program, candidates earn their Clear Administrative Services Credential.
ACSA’s innovative induction program is considered the gold standard throughout the state. The induction program design and implementation provides support and guidance grounded in the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders in the three designated areas, chronicled in the Individual Induction Plan: coaching, professional development and assessment.
Candidates say the program helps them solve real-life problems in their schools. “I’m not just jumping through hoops with this program. It’s making me better at my real job,” according to one candidate.
The heart of the program is job-embedded coaching provided by certified ACSA Leadership Coaches who become trusted friends and confidants throughout the two-year induction period.
“I’m not just jumping through hoops with this program. It’s making me better at my real job.”
— ACSA Clear Administrative Credential Program candidate
Coaches are trained in the Evocative Coaching Model, which was developed by Bob and Megan Tschannen-Moran. Evocative Coaching uses a person-centered, strengths-based approach to move leaders toward their desired destination through four movements: listening, empathy, appreciative inquiry and design.
“Our number one job is to be a good listener and then respond in such a way as to cause self-reflection,” said one coach.
New administrators can sign up for the Winter Cohort now through Jan. 31. If candidates miss this window, they’ll have to wait to sign up for ACSA’s next cohort (Fall 2023-2025), which won’t open for registration until April 1.
Find program requirements and the application process online at
Need to clear a credential?
ACSA’s Clear Administrative Credential Program (CACP) is the largest provider of coaching, professional development and assessment for attaining the Clear Administrative Services Credential. Apply for the Winter Cohort through Jan. 31, 2023. Find more information at
How to apply: Three easy steps
Step 1: Contact a Local Program Coordinator for advisement (list available online). Step 2: Complete the online application and upload required documents. Step 3: If accepted, you will receive an invitation to register and instructions to pay coaching fees.
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