Time to nominate ACSA’s next leaders
Nominations for VP and VPLA are due Sept. 8
August 8, 2022
The nomination window for vice president and vice president of legislative action of ACSA for 2023-24 is now open, with a deadline of Sept. 8, 2022.
The office of vice president is seen as key in helping set the direction of the association, as it is the direct route to the presidency. The vice president of legislative action’s main responsibility is to provide leadership to the board on matters involving legislative action and political activity.
“The positions of vice president and vice president of legislative action of ACSA are critical steps on the pathway to leading our organization. It is an opportunity for a dedicated ACSA member to model the mission and vision of ACSA and to participate in the leadership of ACSA as a member of the Executive Committee,” said ACSA Past-president Charlie Hoffman. “I encourage all eligible ACSA members to embrace this opportunity to ensure that ACSA continues to be at the forefront of leadership for excellence and equity for California students.”
To prepare for the vice president role, service on the Board of Directors, Leadership Assembly or as region president or state chairperson is preferable. Candidates representing all regions are encouraged to apply. To prepare for the vice president for legislative action role, members should have a history of active involvement in the association’s legislative activities and a history of involvement in, and a keen understanding of, political activities. The nominating committee will work to solicit enough candidates to ensure a balanced slate.
The nomination form, including a list of duties and responsibilities is at acsa.org/officernominations. For more information, contact Lori Allred, (800) 608-ACSA.
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